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In Poland, it is Ordo Iuris — an organization closely connected to the Catholic Church and the country’s ruling politicians — that became the driving force behind attacks on women and LGBTQ+ individuals. The status of women in contemporary Poland must be understood in the context of the political scene and of the role that the church plays in society. Poland is a country strongly influenced by Roman Catholicism, and religion often shapes politics and social views. Law and Justice, abbreviated PiS, is a national-conservative, and Christian democratic political https://absolute-woman.com/european-women/polish-women/ party in Poland.

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  • Nowhere has this been more apparent than in citizens’ volunteer engagement in defense.
  • Something that will guarantee standardized access to sexual and reproductive health care, including legal and safe abortion, in addition to key socioeconomic and political rights.
  • Our organizations’ interventions seek to highlight critical human rights aspects of such restrictive laws, and we are proud to support efforts to hold Poland accountable for these ongoing human rights violations” said the organizations.
  • Kaczynski, leader of the populist ruling party, Law and Justice, spoke Saturday about the demographic challenges of “far too few children” being born as he rallied support for his party ahead of next year’s parliamentary election.
  • In further studies, such measurements should be performed by trained professionals (e.g., nurses or physiotherapists).

Kaja visited an online forum for women seeking abortion in Poland, and was referred to Dr. Janusz Rudzinski, a Polish doctor who has been practicing in Germany for over 35 years. Kaja called Rudzinski — known to accept women’s calls at all times of day — and he told her to come to his clinic in Prenzlau, Germany. Despite her pain, Kaja drove around 200 miles from her village in Poland to Rudzinski’s clinic across the border.

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And it is these on-the-ground sentiments which the illiberal right has effectively tapped. While emphasizing military elements, these volunteer channels significantly shift the focus towards societal resilience, human security, and non-military challenges. The overall sense of geopolitical stability after 1989 saw the reduction and professionalization of the Polish army, and the gradual detachment of citizens from the realm of defense. This professionalized defense has long remained a ‘man’s business,’ despite military careers being open to women following accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In 2016, women constituted fewer than 5 percent of army personnel and existing regulations engendered military service as a male civic duty. The Progressive Yearbook focuses on transversal European issues that have left a mark on 2022, delivering insightful future-oriented analysis for the new year.

Previously, over 90 percent of the approximately 1,000 legal abortions annually in Poland were on these grounds. The ruling came as Covid-19 pandemic restrictions made travel for health care prohibitively difficult and costly. The ruling spurred the country’s largest public protests in decades, led by women human rights defenders.

Demand for Action as Poland Tramples Women’s Rights

In February 2017, they picketed in front of a library in Wroclaw, Poland, where activists had gathered to lecture women about pharmacological abortion options. Kaczyński’s national-conservative Law and Justice party has made raising fertility rates in Poland’s rapidly ageing society one of its flagship goals, introducing a number of social programmes designed to financially support families. In October 2022, a United Surveys poll for Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and RMF24 found that a narrow majority of Poles, 52%, believe that the new abortion rules, which went into force in January 2021, have made people less likely to have children. A December 2021 poll by Ipsos for OKO.press asked people why women in Poland may not want to have children.

With 237 seats in the Sejm and 66 in the Senate, it is currently the largest party in the Polish parliament. Luckily, the Polish liberal left has ample resources on which to build its programmatic interventions.

The anti-abortion ruling’s anniversary comes amid increasing tensions between Poland’s government and the European Union after an October 7 Constitutional Tribunal ruling rejecting the binding nature of EU law. It followed a series of EU Court of Justice rulings that the Polish government’s weakening of judicial independence breaches EU law. The European Commission said it “will not hesitate to make use of its powers” under EU treaties to ensure application of EU law and protect people’s rights. U.S. women can learn from strategies Polish women have deployed, said Giselle Carino of Fòs Feminista, an activist organization that fights for women’s rights around the world. The failure of the outlaw bill in 2016 was seen as a success for abortion-rights advocates in the country, though the restrictions remain.

Critics argued that Polish women were hesitant to have children for financial reasons as well as out of fear over abortion restrictions introduced by the PiS. Katarzyna Lubnauer, a lawmaker with the liberal Civic Coalition , called Kaczyński “out of touch” and said his comments were “nonsense insulting to women”. The end of the War and the occupations of Poland by an Oppressive Communist regime created an even greater need.

Young women in particular have increasingly been flocking to defense-related activities, such as Rifleman Associations or volunteer-defense programs in schools. Since 2000, the annual Bilan social volume has been analysing the state of play of social policy in the European Union during the preceding year, the better to forecast developments in the new one. Co-produced by the European Social Observatory and the European Trade Union Institute , the new edition is no exception. In the context of multiple crises, the authors find that social policies gained in ambition in 2022.

They https://www.gardanewsindonesia.com/labor-force-participation-rate-female-of-female-population-ages-15-modeled-ilo-estimate-romania/ also argue that Kaczynski, the most powerful politician in Poland since 2015, is himself partly responsible for the the low birthrate in the central European nation of 38 million people. The top three places for the most wins in the annual most popular sportsperson contest, the Plebiscite of Przegląd Sportowy, are occupied by women. Among the most prominent Polish women athletes are Justyna Kowalczyk , Irena Szewińska and Stanisława Walasiewicz . This eighth edition of the report, The Impact of inflation and COVID-19 on wages and purchasing power, examines the evolution of real wages, giving a unique picture of wage trends globally and by region.

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